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 Bancharampur Upazila (brahmanbaria district) with an area of 217.38 sq km, is bounded by meghnariver and raipurupazila on the north, homnaupazila on the south, nabinagarand muradnagarupazilas on the east and narshingdi sadarand araihazarupazilas and Meghna river on the west. Main river is Meghna and titas; Bamandhar, Chandal Beel is notable.

Banchharampur (Town) consists of two mouzas. The area of the town is 10.86 sq km. It has a population of 11808; male 50.58%, female 49.42%; population density per sq km 1087. Literacy rate among the town people is 28.2%. The town has one dakbungalow.